“Of the values that are indispensable for me in managing the company and its employees it is the human dignity that has to be protected in every situation that comes first. Honesty is just as important. And should an error occur at any time, you have to answer for it. This honesty does of course also include the fact that corruption has no business in our company. Another important value is thrift. By this I do not mean stinginess, but the capability to differentiate between important and unimportant things and to utilize our money where it brings the greatest benefit.”

Peter Frick (president of the board of directors).

Appropriate corporate governance in terms of responsible corporate management and control is aligned with national and international laws and regulations and with the internal corporate guidelines that regulate the collaboration and clear allocation of tasks and authorities between the board of directors, the executive management and the managerial staff. This is a basic prerequisite for sustainable, successful corporate development.

The necessary internal corporate guidelines (code of conduct, cooperation regulations, authority regulations, managerial processes) are implemented in the Hoval Group and are helpful in ensuring responsible corporate management. Much more important than these internal guidelines, however, are the actual values of our corporate culture and the managerial values. The crucial values of our culture play an important role in the selection of members of the board of directors, members of the executive management, of the managerial staff and in the appointment and development of our employees. These are embedded deeply in our thinking and actions and in particular ensure responsible corporate management and control.