Our responsibility. To provide answers.

When it comes to indoor climates, we have the answers. Our high-tech indoor climate solutions use products and systems that generate heat and/or cooling with maximum efficiency – and with low emission levels that help conserve the world's dwindling resources and protect the environment. But that's not all. We also have the answers when it comes to fostering a harmonious, productive working environment and transforming corporate visions into a source of inspiration for every single employee. And we love using the success we have had to do something good for others. The Yana children's foundation is just one example of where we have given our help.

Energy & environment


Indoor climate and world climate are in an ever-changing relationship. We design our heating and ventilation systems fully aware of our responsibilities to the climate.

Hoval family


With approximately 1,900 employees, Hoval is not a large company but rather a large, globally-minded and active family.

You Are Not Alone


To reach out a hand to others, to offer advice, encouragement, support, instruction - simply to be there or to provide active assistance.